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  • What exactly…IS…copywriting?
    Don’t be embarrassed—plenty of people don’t know! Technically, copywriting and content writing are different. Copywriting is any writing designed to sell directly (emails, web copy, etc.), and content writing is any writing for your business that doesn’t directly sale (case studies, blog posts, etc.) However, most often “copywriters” can do both. For our purposes, copywriting refers to any writing you need for your brand.
  • I’m not in the home industry but your work speaks to me. Would you be willing to work with us?
    Absolutely! We take a limited number of clients who aren’t in the industry. We’re always willing to chat and see if we’re a good fit! Our other clients include/have included business in the following industries: Mental health Wellness Automotive retail Beauty Food and beverage Photography Coaching Contact us today!
  • What if I don't know where to start with copywriting/branding?
    You're far from alone! The strategy of what to start with is often the hardest decision to make. We offer a Branding Audit for $200 that includes a detailed deep-dive interview to gather insights about your brand, and a step-by-step breakdown of what we suggest moving forward. You'll walk away with an action plan for your next three months of copywriting and branding (even if you don't hire us to write it!) Contact us to inquire about a Branding Audit today.
  • Do you write social media captions?
    We don’t offer social media captions as a one-off service. But we are happy to include this for our retainer clients or build it into a larger package. We don’t do social media management.
  • Do you do the graphic design?
    It depends on the project. We contract with experienced graphic designers on certain elements. We don’t offer web design—but we can recommend a designer for you and help you handle communication and branding alignment so your design matches your brand voice and story. If you need other design elements, such as a logo, just contact us and we’ll chat!
  • How expensive is copywriting?
    Just like design services, this can range greatly. A website isn't going to cost the same as a social media caption (like a kitchen remodel wouldn't be the same as a full-scale design!) Our comprehensive packages begin at $850 and "a la carte" copywriting can come in as low as $150 per piece. We'll provide you with a detailed proposal after a free consultation. (Please note that we do NOT charge per word or per hour. While we know this is popular on low-level sites like Upwork or Fiverr, most professional copywriters with expertise don't do this. We charge per project, per package, or on a retainer, depending on your copy needs.)
  • I have a set budget. Can you accommodate?
    Maybe! We can’t lower our rates, but we can build a customized package for your brand based around your budget. We feel strongly about working with brands and entrepreneurs that we care about and connect with. Reach out! If we can’t accommodate your budget, we’re happy to refer you to an up-and-coming writer in our network.
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