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Why Interior Designers Need Strategic Copywriting

The design world is fast-paced and competitive. How do you set yourself apart, communicate your message, and connect with your audience? 

One of the best ways is to implement a strong copywriting strategy. 

Strategic copywriting can help you establish your brand, reveal what makes you the right designer for the job, and enable you to market to your dream clients (without competing with the crowd!) 

Read on to find out 7 ways strategic copywriting can help interior designers.

Appealing to Your Target Audience

Think about your best client ever—that one who was just a dream to work with. What was it that made that experience so great? 

It probably goes far beyond their income level or the price of the project. How they communicate, how much leeway vs. pushback they gave you, how willing they were to trust your creative vision…all the factors that appeal to you as an individual designer. 

If you want to attract MORE of those dream clients, you need to speak directly to them. A comprehensive copywriting strategy is created to target your dream client (and eliminate those who aren’t the right fit.)

From the words on your website to your social media captions to your email communication—all of your copy should work together to establish trust and connection with your target audience. 

Creating Clear Expectations

One of the best ways to create successful design projects is by providing clarity on expectations from the very first point of contact. 

Your clients should know what it’s going to be like to work with you before they ever even speak to you. Are you an in-the-trenches, hands-on designer who loves collaboration and communication at every step? Or are you the visionary who prefers a free reign? 

Strategic copywriting paints the picture for your client at every step, ensuring that they know what to expect and what’s coming next, from communication to design steps to the way you work. 

Establishing Credibility

Even if you are the world’s best designer, if your online presence doesn’t communicate your level of expertise and value, you won’t attract high-end clients. 

Creating a comprehensive copywriting strategy helps you look professional, savvy, and credible. 

From a well-written website to blog posts that showcase your thought leadership to warm and engaging emails, every word that reflects your business can be crafted strategically to show your clients that you are an established designer they can trust. 

Communicating Your Brand Identity

As a designer, you know that appearance matters. You put thought into how you present yourself, how you show up for consultations, and (of course) the way your projects turn out. 

That same level of detail should go into your brand identity—including strategic copywriting. 

Your clients should understand who you are, what you stand for, and how you create your vision for projects and bring it to life. Your messaging and copy can help you establish and communicate that brand identity, making your business unforgettable. 

Allowing You to Show Up in Multiple Marketing Methods

Whether you love social media marketing or prefer a more boots-on-the-ground approach with postcards and mailers, your client should walk away with the same impression of your brand after every interaction. 

Carving out a clear, comprehensive copywriting strategy can allow interior designers to craft engaging messages across all marketing methods, maintaining a consistent message and tone and reaching potential clients. 

Bringing in the Personal (the Right Way)

We all know we’re “supposed” to show up as our authentic selves in branding and marketing. After all, we’ve all heard that clients don’t just buy our services—they’re buying US as individuals. 

But the line can be tricky to walk. How much should you share? How personal should you get? And how do you still make it about your client? 

Planning out your copywriting strategy helps you answer these questions with clarity. Maybe you share a couple of personal posts per month between informative and project-based posts. Perhaps you add a behind-the-scenes blog post on a specific schedule. 

The amount you share will be up to you—but putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and getting strategic helps you know where you’re going and what you’re doing, eliminating oversharing and ensuring that you are creating a targeted branding approach. 

Cultivating Trust and Closing The Sale

When it comes to interior design, trust is everything. Your clients are making a huge investment when they work with you—not just with their money but with their home, their living space, and their daily lives. 

Nurturing that level of trust takes time—but strategic copywriting can lay the foundation from the first moment your client engages with your business. 

Your copy should help put your client’s minds at ease, reflect the authentic “you” that they will be working with, and show them that they can trust you to be genuine, tune into their needs, and help create the space they are looking for. 

The Bottom Line: Interior Designers Need Strategic Copywriting

Just like you wouldn’t design a home without research, planning, and thought, you shouldn’t just slap some words on a web page or a social media platform and hope for the best. 

Creating a comprehensive copywriting strategy designed with your audience in mind can help you bring in the business you want so your firm can thrive. 

Not sure where to start? We’re here to help! Contact us to book a copywriting consultation today! 

Photo credit: Brands&People on Unsplash


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